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ran at 9:45.
rode bike over to kasbah's to tutor maya and gassan at 10:30.
got ready.
went out driving with my mom and practiced parking.
went ove to kendal's. brittnay, madeline, and shannon were already there. we waited for like a half an hour and then danielle came over too. we all piled into kendal's car and her mom drove us to homecoming at 8. me, madeline, brittnay, and shannon went and walked around on "the other side of the bridge" by the rides. and then we say kellie and angela so we hung out with them for a bit. i got a lemonade. then we tried to hook madeline up with steve when we found sam but madeline got mad and ran away. "the eagle has been spotted. the eagle is here." and then we went and shannon got some dippin' dots and i waited in a ginormous line for a fritto [fresh out of the oven burning my hand]. and then we went back to the hill to sit on kendal and danielle's blanket. we watched Herman's Hermits perform. they were pretty good. kendal and her mom loved them and kendal was uncontrollably singing. for example, henry the 8th. "henery." oh geez.. then the fire works came on and they were awesome. the stray/left over ones... lol. after the fireworks kendal's mom drove me, shannon, and danielle home.
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