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happy boxing day!

[ mood | silly :D]

today i watched some OTH episodes and put away some newly laundered clothes and some of my christmas gifts. then i took a shower, blow dried, and straightened my hair. i made it look super cute today.

then i drove over to my grandma's and the whole extended family was there. wayyyy to many people for such a small room/house! the kids table, the under 50 table, the under 100 table. lol. we ate ham and salad and veggie and jello. really goood! "you go on field trips with the kids and you're a janitor?!" and then we played catch phrase. the 4 young'ns [me, julie, jill, and elaine] totally dominated ashley , brian, mike, and nick "the old-farts". it was sweet. then we taped ornaments on presents and began our vicious present exchange gift. was vicious! taking other peoples presents, taking things away, shouting, stealing, threats. "i feel beer glasses!" it was gggrrreeeaat! :)
there was a twist this year. we had to switch the final present based on the ornament's partner on your present. i was the rocking horse, but ended up with the same present i brought. so i switched and got bunko.
then "santa" [mr. lake] came and we got a candy cane and a present from him. i got a bottle of dark purple nailpolish. candy cane on the ear. doug's never too old for santa's lap. lol.
then we watched the angry fan march. hilarious! and then talked.
then me, jill, julie, and michelle played bunko. i won 2 rounds but julie was the bunko queen and ended up with 3 bunkos and 4 round wins.
after the "packed" catch phrase room was done, we all played pictionary. it was boys [nick, mike, brian, eli, and jon] vs. girls [me, ashley, elaine, jill, and julie] the boys won both times.
"it what's in a fish tank." "fish." "duh what else would you guys have?"
"11 men on a ...." "basketball court!" lmao.
"sports bra: holds your boobs so they don't bounce up in your face" lol.
^ good times.

at like 10:30ish everyone formed an assembly line and left in a stampede. lol.

i ♥ my family
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