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March 3rd, 2007 at 7:41pm]
[ mood | Good]

.went shopping with my mom, shannon, al, and mc hamma ham at Twelve Oaks. I got some earrings from Icing and an orange and white stripped tank top from Hollister.
.WSS rehursal from 6:30-9.

.Soccer conditioning. Me & madeline ran it.
.Dance class from 6:15-9.

.Soccer Conditioning. Me, madeline, & jessie ran it.
.AP U.S. History Review from 3:30-4:30.

.Dance 6-8.

.Tutored gassan 3:30-5.
.Watched One Tree Hill episodes
.Took notes

.WSS rehursal 10-1.
.Picked Al up from her basketball games at GCMS. I saw the cross country perfect boy. He was playing al's team. It was so funny & i was so excited.
.Dropped al off at my mom's work.
.Watched America's Next Top Model Marathon.
.Took notes & homework.

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February 25th, 2007 at 3:03pm]
[ mood | NERVOUS]

.Went running for a bit
.Watched America's Next Top Model Marathon
.Hockey game with Madeline, Jamie, and Sam. Sam made some really good Oatmeal/Butterscotch cookies.
.Watched the rest of the Red Wings game
.Watched "You, Me, & Dupree"

.Taught S.S. with Cob. LENTEN Opening
.Helped out at the O'Reilly Campaign pancake breakfast from 11-2.
.Watching the Pistons vs. Bulls bball game.
.Dinner at my gma's

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August 15th, 2006 at 6:19pm]
[ mood | sore]
>> >-CC-> practice started. dips & chinnies. line drills. LONG run. outer dr. to hines to bridge. walk throught poison ivy patch. run through katie's neighboorhood. martha, elizabeth, martha, st. anslem, outer drive back to school. weights. hand-clampy thingys. dips & ab work out.
>> tutored maya and gassan
>> drove to & from soccer pract. soccer practice 6-8.
>> fresh meat

>> >-CC-> practice. the hardest run yet. run through barkley's to ford field. line drills. run down monroe, turn left on morley, turn right on oakwood blvd., run to greenfield village to village rd. take that all the way to southfield freeway/"the wall". 6 hills. "10 minute drills." said prior 3 times. dips.
>> drove to pick up al at woodworth.
>> pick up mom at work.
>> drove to Party USA in Taylor and Target in the heights to get Shannon's gift.
>> Tiger's game
>> Rescue Me
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August 13th, 2006 at 8:37pm]
[ mood | sunburned from being at the lake ]

>> woke up at 7
>> parking and road test for my drivers liscense at 8. i hit 1 cone when parking and went past a line. then i took the driving portion. the route was completely different than the one i'd practiced. i went down outer drive to grindley park to oxford to telegraph to sheridan to mildred to cherry hill to outer drive. 1 left turn, no merging, no highway, no speed fast than 40. i was done with the whole test...parking and driving in 15 minutes. lol. and i passed.
>> took my certificate to the secretary of state in livonia and waited in line outside for 15 minutes until the place opened up at 9. then me and my mom took a number [56] and within 10 minutes we were called up. 8 minutes later we were out of there. i got my picture taken for my liscense and my temporary driver's liscense until i get the real one in the mail.
>> all the STAND workers were invited out to Matt's cottage on Lake LeAnn out in Saline. we were suppose to meet him at 10 sharp in Stout's parking lot. i thought i wasn't going to make it, but i did. i got there at 10:01 and Matt was ther only person there. 10 minutes later Shahein showed up. it was only the three of us so we started calling people and it turns out no one was coming. i thought, "great i'm going to be the only girl there." but then jamie called and said she was going to be late. jamie showed up at 10:30 and i got in her car and we drove together and Matt drove out there with Shahein in his car. it was funny because we got of at an exit for saline after 20 minutes of driving, yet we got to his cottage 1 hour and 10 minutes later. me and jamie talked about a lot of stuff in the car..it was fun. Tigers, Will Ferrel, College, movies, concerts, week-long family get-togethers at campie D, Ashlee Simpson, U of M. there were millions of garage sales out in saline too. seriously...there were thousands on every block. in driveways, outside stores, in the backs of trucks...EVERYWHERE! we finally get there and it is this cute little blue 2 story cottage with this gray deck that looks out over the lake. everyone changes into there suits and we meet matt's parents and grandpa and his sister andi who came out a little after us. she was really nice. after fixing the battery. Matt took us out on the pontoon boat to "putz" around the lake and the island in the middle. there were some gorgeous houses/cottages out there. once we got back..Tarrick and Andy showed up. we all went swimming. i tread water for like 15 minutes straight. there were these massive white square raft floaty thingys. the bottom of the lake was very seaweedy and i hate seaweed so i was a little freaked out. tarrick: "i hate weeds." << he was having a hard time with the "cold" water like jamie. lol. then i layed out for a little bit on the pontoon and talked with jamie and tarrick. the others soon followed while matt's dad grilled hot dogs and matt's mom made pasta salade, baked beans, and brownies. when everything was ready we ate at the picnic tables. i had a hotdog, baked beans, taco salade, and a brownie. everything was soo good. the brownie was really good. my mom made the taco salade and everyone loved it. shahein: "stephanie, tell your mom i love her." lol. after eating, matt's dad got out this huge vaccum thing and sucked up a bee's nest that was near where we were eating but none of us knew it. then we all went on the speed boat. Matt drove while shahein and tarrick double tubed from behind. lol. good times. tarrick was falling off this one time and he was hanging on for dear life to his and sha's tube. lol. jamie: "tarrick looks so scared." we pulled back into the dock and jamie had to leave for her week long family renuion 26-tent Barber take over campie D trip. after saying goodbye. we went back out on the speed boat and matt's dad drove as andy and matt tubed. andy and sha kept taking about their weight. "look the boat's sinking." "notice how the boat just went down." "notice how the boat wouldn't hoist because i'm up here." lol. then we all sat and talked for awhile and watched some of the Tiger's game. then matt took us out on the speed boat again because Sha wanted to tube again [front] and after we all went on the speed boat around the lake and into this little NO WAKE inlet where we ran into matt's dad, mom, sister, and grandpa on the pontoon. when we got back, andi offered to take me out on the seadoo but i didn't want to. we all sat and talked for awhile outside and ate watermellon, then we went inside and talked about crummy concert tickets and giving blood. sha: "stephanie, you are the loudest person i know." apparently shahein loves entourage. so he told us all to watch the last 100 minutes of the season finale because it has everything in it: love, action, comendy & you don't even have to know what is going on. so he's telling us about this funny part at the end. he decides to act it out. sha: "okay so say stephanie is dating matt. [matt looks and me and winks and does that click, click sound with his mouth. it was sooo funny.] and say i was dating her too. i see matt and i say "tell stephanie i said "wad up." << lmao.then we put the covers on the 2 boats and packed up the outdoor furniture and the food. everyone was taking bowls of my salade before we left. lol. apparently Sha's older sister lives nears matt's cottage and he wanted to see her. so me, matt, and sha got into matt's car and andy and tarrick got into andy's. andi offered to take me home because she wasn't stopping at sha's sister's but i didn't mind going to visit her so i stayed with matt and sha. matt: "geez..i just washed my mother's car and now it's getting washed by the water from the sprinkler. we pass the fruit farm and we're like a 1/4 away from his sister's place and she leaves for work in 5 minutes [sha: "well slow down." "i guarentee you she'll be getting in her car as we pull up."] to get to ann arbor and we get a call from matt's mom saying that she needed her golf club from the back of the car. matt's turns around and speeds back to the cottage and drops them off. matt: "where's andy and tarrick? oh..nvm they're waiting. [hang up]" and we speed back down past the fruit farm. apparently Shahein didn't know exactly where his sister lived. Shahein: "it's the first driveway on the left past where the forest starts. [we pass the forest]. it's this next forest. [we pass another forest.] okay no..maybe it's this next one. [we pass it.] no...wait. it was back there." lol. so we turned around and went back. his sister's house was on this trail that came off of the road. we were greeted at the front door by his sister's massive black wolf-like german shepard and a baby white one. i think tarrick was scared of the bid german shepard. Sha gave his sister a quick hug and kiss as she ran out the door to go to work. we followed her husband chris and the dogs out into the backyard. he was cutting down trees and leaves and burning them in a fire pit. we went over and took a look at the lake. it was covered in lily pad and water lillies minue the lilly. it was WAY overgrown. it looked toxic. andy to sha: "you actually wadded in here?". we went over and said goodbye to chris and went on our way. andy talked about his cousins burning a couch/chair at his grandma's in florida and getting a ticket. Sha: "that's not clean water." lol. then we all drove home. flicking off. it was fun. we passed a trillion garage sales again. matt: "they're selling corn out in lawn chairs from the back of a truck. i mean look, there's like 20 pieces there." sha: "here's what's left over from dinner." lol. bad drivers in front of us on the highway. iPod. Jack Johnson. Sha: "steph, i want an honest answer." me: "okay." sha: "would you go out with a guy if his primary source of transportation and his primary vehicle was a motorhome?" [everyone cracks up] sha: "i'm serious..." me: "it depends i guess." sha: "my cousin's buddy's primary vehicle is a motorhome. he has a house and everything so he doesn't live in it but he got it because his insurance is $25 a month because the insurance company thinks he's not driving it. one night we took the motorhome out to a fancy restaurant and just for fun had them valet park it. the valet thought we were joking." lmao. Sha: "i'm seriously thinking about getting a motorhome." then matt drove me home.

>> watched Tigers vs. Chicago White Sox game on tv
>> drove to Famous Footwear to find some new running shoes..i didn't really like any there so i was unsuccessful.
>> dinner with my grandma and grandpa and mom at Beef Carver
>> read
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August 11th, 2006 at 3:39pm]
[ mood | tired]

>> CC conditioning at 9. run to oak park. endless relays. watermellon and water.
>> went up to my aunt irene's cottage in lexington with my mom, ash, al, & eli. we got there about 1:30 and ate lunch. sandwichs and grilled cheese and such. then me and al played botchi ball. i was black and al was red. i won a lot. when i was laying on the hammock in the back yard and al threw a botchi ball at my crotch and it hurt so bad. after, me and al teamed up [black] and versed ash and eli [red] in botchi ball. we won. then with the same teams [me and aal = blue; ash and eli = red] we played JARTS i threw a pretty good one and then eli threw his jart and it landed on the roof. needless to say we ended the game then after retrieving it. then we went into lexington [in town]. we shopped in a couple beautiful stores like Persuasions and the angels store. gorgeous backyards. and then we went in the general store and bought $1.00 worth of 2 cent candy. i also got a necklace and a piggy for my collection at Persuasions. then we went down to the marina and pier. it was really pretty and i kept scaring my lil sister by sitting on the rocks. then, we dipped our feet in the water and picked up some rocks. after that, we went back to the cottage. we changed into our swimsuits and went down to the lake. me and al went hunting for seaglass for about 45 minutes. i found some and some good rocks and skipping stones. i ended up dropping one of my best pieces of glass, a pretty light blue. i was kinda upset about that because the waves took it away. then me and al went boogie boarding on the waves. they were huge! and after a while i gave ash my board and just floated in the water. then ash gave me the baord back and it took allison like 10 waves to boggie board in to shore on and it took me 1. it was the best wave ever!!! and then we all changed and i laid in the hammock and then we ate dinner. burgers and brauts. peaches over ice cream. then i laid in the hammock a little more and then played scrabble with ash, eli, and al. i eventually quit because the others were using profound words. i started a speed tournament and i won. then everyone watched a little tv and this guy from michigan catching hard boiled eggs in his mouth. at like 10:15 we went home.

>> CC conditioning at 9. campbell's paint chips. running to the swings and playground at ford field. man on rocks.
>> tutored maya and gassan at 10:30
>> read
>> soccer practice 6-8
>> practiced driving and parking
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August 9th, 2006 at 10:34pm]
[ mood | tired]

>>CC conditioning.
>>went to libary to get 2 issues of "The New Yorker". entered the Tiger's guessing contest. 109-53.
>>soccer practice 6-8.
>>tutored maya and gassan at 8:30
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August 8th, 2006 at 4:32pm]
[ mood | time of my life... :)]

>> CC conditioning.
>> tutored maya and gassan at 10:30.
>> practiced driving.
>> Fresh meet challenge.

>> CC conditioning.
>> C.J. Barrymore's with my mom and sisters. 44 pitches at the batting cages. "uhh..it says batting helmets must be worn." lol. i did okay. my hand really hurt from the metal bat though and now i have a bruise on it and it's knotted. then we ate lunch. Indy go kart track. i completely dominated. green car. and then we went and did water wars. we each filled up 10 water ballons [i filled mine up HUGE! BIG BERTHAS!] and me and ash were on a team together [left side] and my mom and al were on a team together. they had these sling shot contraptions. then you shot your water balloons across at the other team. centipeid! it was fun! then we did 18 holes of mini golf on the magic castle green corse. my mom won with 53. i was second with 55. ash was third with 56. and al was fourth with 70 [she got 15 strokes on one hole..]. random people asking me to help un-stick this kid's ball. Grand Prix go-kart track. i won again! car 20. i was behind and then i cut off like 3 or 4 people and swerved in front of ash. it was sweet.
>> McDonald's lemonade.
>> STAND party at Jackie's. HILARIOUS! i had no clue how to get to the back room so i had tawny [who was on her cell phone] open the doggie gate for me. when i got there, tawny, molly, brittnay, afeisa, shahein, brett, sarah, arina, cory, kim, michelle, andy, kate, jamie, and amanda were all there. there was pizza and molasses cookies and chicken wings and salade and pita bread and humus and chips and chocolate there and pop. i sat at a table with molly and brittnay and jackie for awhile. then sam came. after a while, people started leaving. first it was sam, molly, and brittnay. then michelle and kim for the tiger's game. then arina, kate, and shahein. then brett, andy, jamie, and afeisa. then sarah left. so it was just me, cory, amanda, and tawny left. it was so much fun. we talked with jackie about college and "calling billy's parents"..scripted. jackie's mom making toast. gerdie throwing up on the carpetting after eating grant's chicken wings wrapped in paper towel. then after a while, i left too.

Jackie: "in Holland this weekend, there were a lot of detours. jillian and i were staying at a bread and breakfast and we were following this detour that took up past this college were a friend of ours goes and i said "that's where miylo goes" and we kept following the detour, and then we past the college three more times and i did like a double take. so i was lost. finally i got to the B&B at 1:30 a.m. the owners weren't too happy because they had to be up by 6 to make breakfast for everyone. then, the next day, i had the bride's shoes in my car so i was suppose to come the wedding early. so i'm driving with jillian to the wedding and i get lost again. so i'm driving slow so i can figure out where to go. so then, i get pulled over be the cops because they had clocked me at going 15-20 mph. and they asked me if i'd been drinking and i was drunk and i look at jillian and we both start laughing hysterically. i told him "no" and then explained my situation and how i was lost. and then the guy let me go and he helped me out because he told me i was only 4 blocks away from the church that whole time. so we got to the church a few minutes before the wedding starts and i told jillian to not say anything to anyone about what just happen. sure enough she starts whispering t around the pews and then during the reception, several people came up to me and said "you were arrested/pulled over for drunk driving?" "were you drinking?". lmao!

Jamie: "True story...A friend of mine's brother was high on 'shrooms and those make you all delusional and stuff so he was staring out his front window and this 20 year old guy's wiffle ball that he was playing with landed on my friend's lawn and the guy ran over to get it. So my friend's brother grabbed a knife, thinking that this guy was trying to attack him, and he stabbed him 22 times."

Afeisa's lies, car accidents, and crazy family.

Afeisa: "What's homecoming?"

Afeisa: "It was right outside the subway in canada."
Everyone else: "Wait..the tunnel or the subway station or subway the restaurant?"
Afeisa: "Subway the restaurant."
Everyone else: "Oh."

Jackie talking about waiting til marriage and the muslim tradition.
Shahein: "Not to brag or anything but i've had at least 2 scarf'd girls tell me they'll do very dirty things with me."
Afeisa: "Well you're suppose to wait until marriage but it's up to you."
Jackie: "Well it really is a religious thing. I know Muslims and catholics tell you to wait. Presbetarians tell you to wait too and episcopals and methodists. I think the only religion that doesn't is Lutherans..they are just allowed at it. They just go at it."
^ lmao!

Andy: "My cousin's best friend's brother and 4 or five of his friends were "tripp'n on acid" in Waterford and so they drive to the park at like 2:30 or 3:30 in the morning and they get out and start running around and since acid makes you illusional [like you think you're a frog], they all thought that they saw a wild beast. so they start chasing this wild beast and one boy gets a soccer bag out of the car and they capture this wild beast in the bad. then they go home and pass out. when they wake up, they hear scrating at the door. when they opened the door there was a 6/7 year old african american girl there. they thought she was the wild beast. so..they took her back to the park and they were charged with kidnapping."

Andrew's grand theft auto & $100,000 house dammage.

Mrs. Horoian....playboy bunny.

"A what...an african american girl in a soccer bag."

Amanda's problems..bed bugs, chipped tooth, purple hair, stalker guy, Mr. peepers the squirrel she talks to, 1/2 a toe nail, no sleep, no eating, suffering grades, cleaning up dog poop/spit/barf, 115 on the highway, car accidents, talking on the phone ot cory [DANGEROUS], flinging herself unto the wall, knocking her computer monitor off her desk, "police think you're drunk when you're driving below the speed limit...that's why i speed.", her mother, cory popping her knee out making one leg longer than the other. lol.
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August 6th, 2006 at 3:54pm]
[ mood | GIGGLY :D]

ran at 9:45.
rode bike over to kasbah's to tutor maya and gassan at 10:30.
got ready.
went out driving with my mom and practiced parking.
went ove to kendal's. brittnay, madeline, and shannon were already there. we waited for like a half an hour and then danielle came over too. we all piled into kendal's car and her mom drove us to homecoming at 8. me, madeline, brittnay, and shannon went and walked around on "the other side of the bridge" by the rides. and then we say kellie and angela so we hung out with them for a bit. i got a lemonade. then we tried to hook madeline up with steve when we found sam but madeline got mad and ran away. "the eagle has been spotted. the eagle is here." and then we went and shannon got some dippin' dots and i waited in a ginormous line for a fritto [fresh out of the oven burning my hand]. and then we went back to the hill to sit on kendal and danielle's blanket. we watched Herman's Hermits perform. they were pretty good. kendal and her mom loved them and kendal was uncontrollably singing. for example, henry the 8th. "henery." oh geez.. then the fire works came on and they were awesome. the stray/left over ones... lol. after the fireworks kendal's mom drove me, shannon, and danielle home.
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HOMECOMING: DAY 2! [Saturday
August 5th, 2006 at 11:30pm]
[ mood | ]

ran at 11.
made bed.
dryed hair.
straightened hair.
got ready.
went up to homecoming at 7. i met shannon at 7:30. we got some food from the italian tent with her parents. i got a fritto. it was really good. then, saw brittney and angela and talked to them for a little bit. then we saw emily and erin and talked to them. then we went and talked to danielle. she was working as an Dearborn Police Explorer in the parking lot. brittney, emily, erin, and angela came over to join us eventually. it was sooo much fun. finally we found madeline and lilli and went back to hang out with danielle on duty. then we walked around for a bit. and then i got a lemonade and saw nora and katie. "whoa..i wonder how many red bulls she had before coming here." lol. then shannon got some dip'n dots. then we watched the fireworks. they were amazing this year. the finale was fabulous. then we walked to the new parking structure and madeline drove us all home.
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August 4th, 2006 at 12:11am]
[ mood | HOPEFUL ♥]

today was the first day of homecoming.
9 -> CC conditioning. good times.
went up to homecoming with shannon and ashley. good times. the zipper! "omg! i just got whiplash!" hitting our heads. all the kids there were STAND kids..lol. mr. whitt. & the rest of st. paul. flurry and lemonade.
practice driving & parking.
went to shannon's. madeline was there. we watched part of Bringing Down The House and all of The Family Stone. so many good times.."It's only 10 stairs." "on second thought." "get it yourself." "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM". "chuck is coming." lol. "ask me about my weiner". "it's a stylish purse". watching NEXT and the 100th episode of Best Week Ever.
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August 3rd, 2006 at 5:18pm]
[ mood | touched ♥]

>>work 9:30-3. music/dance video...lovely. dancing with b-boy. grab his arm. hold his hand. touch his wrist. [stripe shirt//plaid shorts]. spin..1,2,3,4. 1 on one dancing. :D. b-boy= my partner. only 7 kids? WHAT?! we waited to do the video because we only had 8 on thursday..now we only have 7? to make an even number..me, tarrick, and brett were in the video too. doing the video a million times. fan turn..hold hands in two parrelle lines. pictures in front of the fan with our hair blowing in the wind. 80's day. side pony, large white beads, dangly lime green earrings, black beaded flats, bon jovi t-shirt, pleated jean mini, black and white polka-dot headband, and black leggings. dance..JUMP ON IT at lunch. grapevine & hustle. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! doing the video in front of everyone in the STAND room. kenny: "i'm going to get someone to come over here and get you to dance." [i was embarrassed because he went over to tarrick and sam and said something and looked over at me..so i got up and went over to them..in an attempt to dance.] kenny: "good. there are your friends. [he points at tarrick, sam, courtney, molly, and brittney. paint hands. i led the singing with grant.
>>ran at howard.
>>practiced driving.
>>power went out... :(

>>work 9:30-4:30..WATERPARK!>>HOT BOD. red/orange/white swim trucks. :D tarrick divided our group up. i was in charge of mariam and daniel but once we got to the waterpark tarrick had to help out with the lunches and carrying stuff so he put jennifer in my group from his group. the bus ride there was so long. and our bus driver was an idiot and couldn't find the bus entrance even tho she was following the other bus, and we finally got there 40 minutes and 10 loops later. what an idiot... then, at the waterpark, we put on sunscreen and used the rest rooms "ATTRACTION CLOSED." WHAT?! and after changing into his swim suit that he was suppose to change into back at stout, he came out empty handed and started talking about how there were no lockers. me: "daniel, where's your bag?" daniel: "it's in the bathrooms. there was no lockers so i hung my bag on the hook." me: "daniel go get you bag..your stuff is safer with all the other STAND stuff on the picnic tables then alone on a hook in the bathrooms." daniel: "but it has my trading/game cards and my keys in it." me: "it will be safer with the other STAND stuff. someone will always be watching the stuff." after that fiasco, we went on the raft waterslide. daniel apparently doesn't like waterslides, so he sat at the bottom and waited. we climbed the wooden stairs that me, mariam, and jennifer thought we were going to fall through. the guys at the top were crazy. splashing people and flying down the slides with people. once we were in our raft..the 3 of us noticed that there was a dead bee in the raft, but i splashed it out. the ride was really fun. at the bottom, we met with daniel and went to the wave pool. that was pure chaos. once in, it was about 10 minutes til the actually waves came. then the waves we on for about 10 minutes. most people grabbed on daniel's tube for fear of drowning. after the wave pool, we crossed the flamming bridge and mariam and jennifer went on the two person mat racing water slide while i waited at the bottom with daniel. derek's group came by and chris didn't want to go on the slide so he waited at the bottom with me. chris is sooo funny. "My Man..My Man _____". after the waterslide we ate lunch. i didn't realize it was already 1:37. the time flew by. we had to meet back at the picnic tables at 1:50, so basically lunch was the last thing for my group. there were bagels [sesame seeds], lunch meet, cream cheese, cheese, chips, pop, gatorade, veggies, brownies, and cookies [awesome grape ones from kate's mom.]. we got back on the buses and went home. then i stayed an extra 45 minutes-hour to help clean up the room for the last day. shahein talked about how he and tarrick got stuck in a tube together at the waterpark. "with me in the tube alone, there was only like 3 inches of extra space and then we fit tarrick in there and we were stuck. i swear, i thought we would need the jaws of life to get us out." lmao!
>>soccer meeting at 6.
>>tutored maya and gassan at 8:30

>>work 9:30-3:30. LAST DAY.. :( tarrick screwed up the penny wars because he brought $20 worth of wrapped pennies, but he didn't wait until the last minute to put them in. he put them in at like 9:45...so everyone saw him and started putting $5 bills and $1 bills and silver change in our jar. if it wasn't for that, we would've won. we ended up in 2nd to last place. the whole STAND program raised over $600 though, which is really good for the facial and crannial disfigurment and St. Jude's. "hey can i have a picture?" [l->r]tarrick, courtney, brett, me. hands & arms around the waist. touch. lean in. grab me. hold me close. :D after watching a movie, during the morning free time i played cards, spoons to be exact, with julia, mariam, eric, the other eric, jennifer, and britney. it was really really fun. julia was sooo funny. SPOON! spoons. during free time was dance time and basketball time too. then jackie told everyone to get their cameras out beacuse this was a photo worthy opportunity. so all the leaders, mentors, and kids formed a big circle around this random chair in the middle of the dance floor. tawney and jillian come out and stand one on each side of the chair. they have matching white t-shirts that say "he's got the power" in neon puff paint. they are both standing with their backs to the front of the circle. then cory comes out and sits in the chair. he has a baseball hat on to the side and humongous pimpin sunglasses and 2 or 3 long gold chains around his neck. then "i've got the power" starts to play on the sterio and tawney and jillian are bouncing their hips. for the first 20 seconds of the song cory just sits there resting his elbow on his knee and his chin on his fist [like he's thinking really hard]. 20 seconds into the song, he starts bouncing his head. then tawney and jillian turn around and mouth "he's got the power" in time with the song and then they turn back around again and start bouncing their hips again. then cory looks at my side of the circle and mouths "i've got the power" then turn to the other side of the circle and mouths the same thing in time with the music again. then the rapping in the song starts and he stands up and pretends like he's rapping and does all the mhand and arms motions too [like he's trying to get the crowd into it. it was SOOOO FUNNY! then everyone made a soul train. the kids were calling out the mentors and leaders to dance down it. i was embarrassed to go by myself, so i went with sam and this girl named alexis. we marched to the beat then posed, posed. then marched again. i was SO bad. it was really fun tho. the guys did "their moves" : the shampoo, washing yourself/arms & shoulders, putting on the deoderant, the torey "2 hand chopping" move, the one hand shake in front of your face [a favorite], and the cast a line, hook, and reel in a fish. lmao! then jackie handed out candy for spirit points. we lost. "oops i forgot to add on 100 points or 150." then, jackie picked cory "an impartial mentor" to pick the kid who raised their hand first to answer "how many of you _____", it was ridiculous. it was sooo hard to tell who had their hand up first and the kids were getting angry. half of them were lying most of the time and most of the kids raised their hand before the question was even asked and kids who have a prize were answering again and ryan got our group disqualified. the first kid to raise their hand got to pick a prize out of the boys or girls prize bag. then their were two grand prizes. a varisty like-jacket for the boys and a spartan sweatshirt for the girls. then we watched a slideshow made by mr. lightsky and one of the female interpretors. it was really nice. "WHERE'S WALDO..except with brett's funny face." lmao. the pictures were awesome and it reminded me of all the cool things we did. [spirit point days..U of M Dearborn -> birthday order on the spots..blind, grab the arm, and 4 people tied together at the legs. me, rommy, ryan, and brett. :D [chicken baseball] then grant announced the penny war winner. jamie's group won. we came in 2nd to last place. :( shahein's group who had $35 actual dollars in it came in 2nd place! what a rip off. prizes for the winners were then given out. final 2:30 slow dance..everyone must dance [we even got rommy "i'm too embarrassed to dance with girls" to dance]..it was cute..i asked this little boy named zachary to dance and he said "sure" and then, after the dance, he looked at me and said "thank you". aww..it was so cute. he was really nervous too. it was sad..all the kids were giving hugs to all the mentors and leaders at the end of the day. each kid got a purple peace sign frisbee with candy in it and a finger trap in it as they left. 13, 16, 12, 11, 15, 6. oh man. what a small group. those kids were great tho. traditional wave good-bye at the buses. torey said his high for the summer happened yesterday at the waterpark. apparently some little boy splashed brett and torey and brett litterally picked the kid and them realized that kid wasn't a STAND kid and put him down. lmao! tarrick was sooo sweet. during our meeting after the kids left...he said his high for the summer has been the mentors, "i had the best mentors..they made my job so easy. i love you guys. thank you so much courtney, brett, and stephanie [and kim]." aww...i'm going to miss the whole group. <3

What a fantastic summer ♥
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July 31st, 2006 at 5:12pm]
[ mood | accomplished.]

-work 9:30-3. plant trees. paint hand sculptures. music video. *touch*
-ran up at levagood
-went to al's city swim meet.
-rained out.

-physical @ the doctors. ugggh..TB test and blood drawing. not a good experience. i was dizzy and passed out i guess.
-tutored maya and gassan at 10:50.
-coldstone creamery with DC. good times. spilling the ice cream. "over proportioned". then we walked down michigan ave. to dearborn music and looked around in there for awhile. then we walked through Ford Field to DC's house and I walked home.
-practiced parking
-went to shannon's. madeline came a little later. we watched "The Hills Have Eyes". it was pretty good. slightly ridiculous in parts, plus i had a hard time hearing half of it. i had to have a lot of it explained to me. "just hang up the phone." "constant hospitality...this, and this, & this. now this." "DON'T MESS WITH MY MARKERS!" lol. "that's little red riding hood and that's the big bad wolf." me: "really." "no..it just looks like them." me: "you never know..little red riding hood could have ran off to the hills and craters in the end of the story." "RUDY..." shannon: "doesn't it look like a teddy bear. two big craters for ears and one smaller one for the nose." madeline: "well what about all the craters?!" me: "do the hills really have eyes?" madeline: "no." me: "you neve know." madeline drove me home afterwards.

-woke up at 8 and drove the driver's road test.
-watched Stepmom <3
-watched *Walk The Line* <3

-ELCA song practice at 8:30
-church..we performed the ELCA song. it was great!
-Pr. Elyse's going away Hawaiian party.
-watched Cat In The Hat

-CC at 9..way hott.
-tutored maya and gassan at 10:30
-finished "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien. it was pretty good.
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July 26th, 2006 at 5:52pm]
[ mood | bumm'd.]

work from 9:30-2:30. U of M Dearborn. team building. wallyball. "Something the Lord Made" >> GOOD.
tutored maya & gassan at 8.
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July 25th, 2006 at 5:45pm]
[ mood | EXCITED]

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work from 9:30-2:45. field trip to botanical gardens in Ann Arbor.
cruzando banana split party at pastor elise's. really fun. we each got awards. i got the "sweetest overall" award.

& tess and miranda made us these sweet mixed cd of songs from mass gathering. <3
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July 24th, 2006 at 4:00pm]
[ mood | aggravated]

went to laurrel park to go shopping but i didn't buy anything.
madeline's b-day party at 7. it was so much fun. it was only me, lauren, shannon, and madeline but we had a really good time. we went swimming. shot some hooops. did synchro. went in the "not so" hot tub. played with rooney [their new bulldog puppy. named after the english soccer player, #7 wayne rooney. he is perhaps the cutest dog i have ever seen. then, we opened presents, ate cake [we each had like a 1/4 of the cake!], and talked. then we watched "the ringer". great times! "when the f--- did we get ice cream?" "hi my name is jeffie. i like apples." "i see pretty girls everywhere everywhere.." "SCRATCHED!". at about 11:30 we went home.

skadalaris bbq at Birmingham Country Club from 12-1:30. it was good.
madeline and lilli came and picked me up at 2:30. then we picked up grace, shannon, and lauren. madeline's driving scares me. then we saw "You, Me, & Dupree". i loved it! i thought it was sooooo funny. then madeline drove us all home.
watched "My Fair Brady Wedding Episode."

woke up at 8:30.
ran CC at 9. CVS run. random girl.
tutored gassan & maya.
did driver's ed test practice route.
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July 21st, 2006 at 5:38pm]
[ mood | working hard.]

>-CC-> at 9. brady run. it was a good run. got yelled at by some old man. ab workout. ran home.
drove out to southland mall and went to Party America to buy a rainbow pinata for madeline. & i bought some stickers :) then i went to joann's. never should have gone in that store...oh man. i spent so much money in there and i wanted more...MORE STICKERS! it's a good thing i left when i did.
drove to dollar store. bought $8 worth of candy.
drove home. filled the pinata with candy.
scrapbook'd a little.
worked on madeline's card.
wrapped her gift.
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July 20th, 2006 at 11:03pm]
[ mood | pee'n my pants from laughing so hard :)]

Tuesday July 18th
>> work 9:30-3. extremely LONG meeting afterwards. LADIES N' GENTS DAY!! dress up in your duds. :) DANCE! you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. plaster hands and blastn' "Peace and Love" from Brett's car.
>> Read
>> Ran
>> DQ Run
>> Rescue Me <3

Wednesday July 19th
>> work 9:30-3. U of M-Dearborn. rock climbing. mohawk ropes corse. Paperclips.
>> tutored maya and gassan at 4.
>> Read
>> Ran w/ Ash up at Levagood

Thursday July 20th
>> kim & michelle picked me up. work 9:30-3. super duper long meeting afterwards. field trip - holocaust memorial center. it was pretty interesting and i got to meet and listen to a holocaust survivor which was really neat since in 10, 15, or 20 years from now, there will be no holocaust survivors left. they will have all died. Tarrah Time in the moldy meat gym.
>> Cory picked me up at 4:50, with kim in hte front seat and michelle in the back seat. we took outer drive from my house to ford road and got on it. at ford and gulfview kim realized that she forgot to give the girls on her softball team the equipment. without the equipment, they couldn't play. the girls could get into kim's car if she called them but the equipment was in her trunk so we had to go back. so we drove back to cory's house [where kim's car was] and kim got the equipment out. ["you've had that car for 2 years and you don't know what way the key goes in your trunk yet?"] so then we drive over to dearborn high and drop off the stuff with her team. then, since michigan ave. was closer, we took that towards detroit instead of ford rd. well..cory printed up directions off the internet to get to Armando's by ford rd. so after a lot of construction and red lights, we reach detroit and we're looking for Vines-something. kim thought for sure it would be a big street with traffic lights at its intersection. [meanwhile michelle is passed out asleep in the back seat next to me with her head tilted back and her mouth open..it was funny!] it didn't help that most of the roads were not marked with street signs. we were all confused and worried we'd missed teh street because we were started to enter the "heart of detroit". finally we find the road and it's not a big street and there aren't traffic lights at the intersection. so we take the Vine-something road to Vernor ["This is a highway?"], past the park to Armando's. we were supposed to be at Armando's by 5:15 and it was now 5:30. we went in and tarrah, sarah, tarrick, andy, shaheen, and kate were there. we snacked on chips and salsa until jackie, sam, jillian, brittnay, ron, his wife, and derek arrived at about 6 [due to sam's long dentist appointment]. we ordered our food. i got the tamales dinner. it was REALLY GOOD! and cory threw a red paperclip at jackie and it got stuck in her hair. ["i'm strategic."; "things tend to go wrong when i throw things, they piece someone ear or nose." lmao!] after eating, we sat around and talked for about a half an hour. then we paid and left. instead of going home the way we came we decided to drive in the opposite way we came down vernor thinking that it would intersect michigan ave. [cory: "how do you know you're heading west down West Vernor?" kim: "because you're on West Vernor" cory: "well what about the people going in the opposite direction?" lmao!] anyways, apparently vernor turns into dix and kim told us we could take dix all the way back home. well...we end up under this tunnel thing and driving over this bridge that is spraying water all over/washing the road of the bridge. michelle tells us she REALLY has to pee. REALLY bad! "don't look at the water michelle!" she kept telling cory that she was going to pee her pants in his car. he told her he wished he had a cup so he could give it to her and she could crawl through the backseat to the trunk and pee. she had to pee so bad that she had to unbutton her pants because it was putting pressure of her bladder. so we reach these old warehouses [michelle told cory to pull over so she could pee behind it because she had to go so badly and i reminded her about rats and cory added crack addicts. we were in arabtown. chubby cheese.] and rouge plant factories and a random strip club in the middle of nowhere "Chicks on Dix." lmao! we had a good laugh at that one. so we decide we're on the wrong road so we turn around and sudenly dix becomes vernor which was impossible since we went from vernor to dix. no we're back on vernor? [me: "hey guys there's salina street which means salina school's nearby. at least we're in dearborn."; five minutes later.. cory: "there's salina street, we must be in dearborn." oh geez..] we head down wyomming and it dead ends into the dearborn sausage factory. so we do a couple donut circles in the parking lot trying to figure out where to go. we pull out and go down this one road. we pass so gas stations and michelle wanted out so she could go pee [she even unlocked her door and undid her seatbelt..she was ready to jump out ASAP! the gas stations were rather sketchy or grungy. "Look a Belltire..oopss..CLOSED."; michelle: "OHHH!! a port-a-potty!" kim: "michelle that's behind barbed wire." michelle: "i'll jump it anyway!"] michelle was hurting she had to pee so badly and our laughter wasn't doing her much help. we passed this little 5x5 foot taco hut in the middle of the sidewalk and michelle wanted to ask if the had a bathroom. "oh course they don't!" opening car doors in the middle of detroit. what's teh street name? GLARE...uggghh. we can't find our way back to armando's to start over and we are now heading further into detroit. kim keeps telling us to turn and take this street and that street. finally after passing the same street corner at leadt 3 times kim recongnizes Roman Village [me too] and tells us she knows how to get home from here now. so we take dix and go under the tunnel and over the water spraying bridge again for like the 50th time and past the Chicks on Dix strip club and past these worn down warehouse and pollution making factories left and right. "sunoco..pull over! i have to pee!" "michelle that's for truck equipment only." "HURRY!!!!!!" michelle was dying. she was gripping her bladder. we get stuck behind several semi-trucks in the right curb lane. all these cars are honking. cory: "why does everybody honk? on the way to armando's..5 minutes ago..now. WHAT?! is my car on FIRE? is there something on the roof of my car?!" pretty soon all the semis and cars in front of us try to merge over to the left. after they cleared the way, we saw why. the railroad arm was down and the lights were flashing. the arm was only like half way down but it was down enough that people in the right curb lane couldn't get through. cory merged left and was at the front of the lane at the railroad. the intersection light above said red. cory sat there. it was michelle's worst nightmare. stopped cuz a train was coming. michelle was freaking out. she started crying because she had to pee so bad. it only made the rest of us laugh harder. cars from all directions starting whizzing by, going around the railraod arm. WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!?!? they're goinna get run over by the train. even tho the light is red, the cars behind cory are honking at him. cory: "WHAT DO I DO? THERE'S A TRAIN COMING!" me and kim were freaking out beacuse due to nearby buildings, you couldn't see down the track to see if a train really was coming. with our luck the train's going to come as we're rossing the tracks. i told him to listen out the window for the train. there was no train sound. me and kim didn't want him to go and michelle was screaming at him to go or else her bladder might explode. cory went around the arm..safely. i was freaking out. i tought for sure we were gonna get hit by a train. now we were on oakwood and we stopped at a grungy party store beacuse michelle couldn't handle it anymore. she got out with kim and they went in the store [michelle: "i need to button my pants." "it's gonna hurt to sit down."]. 2 seconds later they were out..no bathroom. across the road was a donut shop. me and cory sat in the car. and michelle and kim ran across oakwood. since cars were coming they had to run across. it was so funny to see michelle run across when she had to pee. it was more of a walk, trot. a couple minutes later the two of them came out and ran back across. actually full out running. cory: "is her pants buttoned? if they are, she pee'd" me:"i can't tell..her shirt's pulled down." i knew michelle had found a bathroom. back in the car, kim and michelle told us about how they had asked the lady at the cash register how to get to dearborn. michelle: "the lady said to take oakwood back towards where we came from...she had no teeth." we all burst out laughing..should we trust this lady? lol. A sign saying "Welcome to Melindale" was to our right. kim: "Melvindale is next to Dearborn. let's go right." cory: "when have your directions worked yet today? the lady said go left." kim won that battle and we went right. cory got fed up and thought we were going the wrong way and he didn't want to backpeddle anymore so he stopped at a gas station and asked the attendant. the attendant said there "are many dearborns...southfield." and since we were confused..reluctantly we took kim's advice and kept going right. eventually oakwood passed the new target and the "place of our employment". lol. cory took us all to his house and then kim drove me home. it was such a fun night. IT WILL BE A NIGHT I WILL NEVER FORGET
>> Finished my book.. "The Dive from Clausen's Pier" <3<3<3
>> World Series of Pop Culture.
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July 17th, 2006 at 11:26pm]
[ mood | slightly agrivated.]

>-CC-> conditioning at 9. soo much fun...tag at oxford. dive, jump, and grab my ponytail. lol
tutored maya and gassan at 11
watched tv
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July 16th, 2006 at 5:10pm]
[ mood | way bored.]

yes it's true..i am updating my journal after 6 & 1/2 months of not.
i'll fill you in on what i've been doing the last 6 & 1/2 months eventually, but to start of here's what i've been doing the last week:

.>-CC-> conditioning at 9
.tutored gassan and maya at 10:30

.work from 9:30-3. we went on a field trip to St. Anne's [the oldest church in Detroit] and looked through Gabriel Richards tomb to see hs mummified body. then we went to Elmwood Cemetary and did a scavenger hunt to look for famous people's graves and landmarks like the blood river, chief pontiac's grave, the Ford graves. it was a pretty cool looking cemetary with these houselike tombs built into this hill. after, we went to the Mexican Town Bakery and got some sweets and then came back to stout for lunch.

.work from 9:30-3 at U of M Dearborn. it was fun. we watched "Stand and Deliver" in the morning [one of my fav movies] and then did team building exercises in the afternoon. i'm starting to come out of my shell because i'm starting to get to know the kids better and now they know me too.
.tutored maya and gassan at 4.

.work from 9:30-3. worked on music video and ate ethnic potluck...way gooood!

.>-CC-> conditioning at 9
.tutored maya and gassan at 10:30
.nora came and picked me up at 7 and we went to Rite-Aid and bought some candy and pop and then we went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest. it was really good. me and nora were freaking out at the end. what an abrupt ending. then nora drove me home. it was a really fun night.

.went to Michael's and bought stickers for my scrapbook.
.family dinner at my Aunt Lo's at 5. Dave, Karla, Andrew, Rebecca, and Danielle are in town from Cairo, Eygpt so our whole family got together for a barbeque dinner. it was really fun. i went and played on the new Arno playground like an elementary kid and played "DUCK" with my sister, uncle, and grandpa on the basketball court and watched Dave's fortieth birthday DVD [real funny!]. and then i talked about the gathering.

.went to church to send Al off on her way to Stony Lake church camp.

fun stuff ♥Collapse )
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happy boxing day! [Monday
December 26th, 2005 at 11:21pm]
[ mood | silly :D]

today i watched some OTH episodes and put away some newly laundered clothes and some of my christmas gifts. then i took a shower, blow dried, and straightened my hair. i made it look super cute today.

then i drove over to my grandma's and the whole extended family was there. wayyyy to many people for such a small room/house! the kids table, the under 50 table, the under 100 table. lol. we ate ham and salad and veggie and jello. really goood! "you go on field trips with the kids and you're a janitor?!" and then we played catch phrase. the 4 young'ns [me, julie, jill, and elaine] totally dominated ashley , brian, mike, and nick "the old-farts". it was sweet. then we taped ornaments on presents and began our vicious present exchange gift. man...it was vicious! taking other peoples presents, taking things away, shouting, stealing, threats. "i feel beer glasses!" it was gggrrreeeaat! :)
there was a twist this year. we had to switch the final present based on the ornament's partner on your present. i was the rocking horse, but ended up with the same present i brought. so i switched and got bunko.
then "santa" [mr. lake] came and we got a candy cane and a present from him. i got a bottle of dark purple nailpolish. candy cane on the ear. doug's never too old for santa's lap. lol.
then we watched the angry fan march. hilarious! and then talked.
then me, jill, julie, and michelle played bunko. i won 2 rounds but julie was the bunko queen and ended up with 3 bunkos and 4 round wins.
after the "packed" catch phrase room was done, we all played pictionary. it was boys [nick, mike, brian, eli, and jon] vs. girls [me, ashley, elaine, jill, and julie] the boys won both times.
"it what's in a fish tank." "fish." "duh what else would you guys have?"
"11 men on a ...." "basketball court!" lmao.
"sports bra: holds your boobs so they don't bounce up in your face" lol.
^ good times.

at like 10:30ish everyone formed an assembly line and left in a stampede. lol.

i ♥ my family
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